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Hi, my name is Arthur, I'm computer engineer that is really passionate with this field and many others surrounding it, with an ever growing collection of hobbies, such as electronics, 3D printing, photography, RC models, and many others, and who knows what will peak my interest tomorrow.

I'm currently 25 years old, and since really early, I already knew I wanted to be an engineer, and luckly by the time I had to choose which, I already had hobbies making video games, which taught me a bit on programming, and also a hobby doing small and simple electronic circuits, which made the decision to study computer engineering focusing on software-hardware integration a really easy one to make. At 2014 I enrolled at the Campinas State University where not only I started learning the innumerous subjects necessary to my profession, but I also started applying them while making robots at the Phoenix Team of Robotics, to which I attribute most of my early success and where I met so many awesome people and engineers. Later on, I had internships at Embraer and Showcase Pro, and after graduation in 2018, the people I worked with at Embraer brought me back to work with them, and I believe I've been doing a good job ever since.

I made this website, and specially the blog because I always made a ton of interesting projects(or at least start them), would tell my closest friends about it, and then it would be forgotten in limbo. I decided I wanted somewhere to log and talk about the things I do and love, a nice place where I can remember all the cool stuff I did, and quickly share it with others.